What makes our business is the hearts and minds of our people. Our passion for the environment, honesty and integrity with how we do things and our genuine ethical choices we make on a day to day basis define the character of Naravi.



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Lily's ideal day would be spent creating magic in the garden. Like an artist harmonising colours, textures and shapes on a canvas Lily has this same vision when designing her “living” artworks. Shoving her hands in dirt is as soul warming as sipping coffee through a Tim Tam. It is not surprising that environmental sustainability is extremely important to Lily and with David, she is committed to setting Naravi up in a way it can completely support it self with rainwater and solar power.

While the desire to living a simple life may sometimes seem far off, there are those times when Lily does get to switch off and you’ll most likely find her practising yoga, meditating or tucked away reading a good book.



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David is a company director and creator, he is passionate about a balanced perspective on environmental, wellness, business creation and operation. Having started and developed multiple companies as well as invested in many more, David has a unique perspective on what is required to make a venture work, whether it be a wellness, philanthropic or hard business venture. Naravi is another opportunity for David’s skills and passions to be put to work in an environmental sustainable, philanthropic, wellness and business to create a very long term, powerful and unique venture. This venture is aimed at assisting people with their health, creating a nice place for nuptials, assisting wellness based companies with a suitable venue for retreats and other companies with a venue for corporate learnings and getaways, all passions of David.



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Stacey's love for design was first invigorated by her studies in Interior Design. After freelancing for many years and consulting in design and colour she made a lifestyle change; moving with her partner Felix and their one year old daughter Astrid to the South West to manage Naravi's former short term accommodation. Three years later, one more baby, various design jobs including the styling of the current Naravi premises Stacey naturally landed herself in the design, marketing and visual side of Naravi. Outside of work, Stacey spends a lot of time with her two young children,  running, attending yoga classes and soaking up the south west lifestyle with a camera in hand.



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Shanan & Heather

The inseparable couple, Shanan and Heather spent many a year wandering the country and globe in search of adventure, surf and genuine connections. It’s not hard to understand why they have settled down together and found their little slice of heaven in the Margaret River region (the Pierro Chardonnay may have something to do with it too). The down to earth duo thrive on spending every spare minute in nature and are on a mission to simplify and slow down their lives and find that same adventure now in the less extreme, but more ordinary fulfilling joys of life, raising a family and growing together.

The ocean and all of its little critters plays a vital role in their life, so much so that when moving to Naravi, Shanan constantly referred to it as “when we move inland”. Whether it’s surfing, diving or out on the mountain bikes, you’ll generally find them out and about making the most of a sunny day.

We hope their infectious love for life will rub off on all guests as they arrive and are welcomed by Naravi’s managers.

Shanan, the dinky-di friendly Aussie, multiskilled, jack of all trades, surfer, tradesman, commercial shell and abalone diver, skipper, lover of life will meet the needs of every guest with a “no worries mate”.

Heather, the Nurse/Midwife and mother to the cutest little blonde human on planet earth Olive, live on the property too. Although Olive is still in charge Heather will be there too to have a yarn about whatever and help wherever needed.



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If Rommie wasn’t an avid student of the energetics of the human body she would be a forensic investigator or remote viewer with the CIA. It seems she has a fascination with the human body; either understanding how to fix it or finding missing ones!! What does that have to do with Systems you ask. Absolutely nothing, but she’s not bad at setting up operating systems, websites and troubleshooting just about anything problematic at the backend of a business.

When Rom's not getting stuck into designing a brochure you'll find her moonlighting as an intuitive coach and animal communicator or she'll be kicking around running workshops on all things health, healing and energy. She also loves running retreats of her own and is excited to be involved behind the scenes at Naravi.