We are a family owned and run business who are passionate about people, the community and the environment. We are big on love, inclusiveness and ensuring our guests feel right at home during their stay and when you come and visit Naravi, our place becomes yours as you soak up the beautiful surrounds, and treat it as your home away from home.

We are also big believers in giving back. Back to our community, back to people and back to nature. We’re proud to be from South Western Australia, and we love finding ways to connect with and support our local community. Nothing makes us happier than being able to help out those in need. Naravi is entirely a Profit for Purpose organisation with all proceeds going to Youth Focus and Oz Harvest. Lastly, we’re carers of the Earth and work hard to ensure everything we do results in a low environmental footprint.



Lily has been responsible for bringing Naravi to life. The combination of her passion for the wellbeing of people and the environment, and a convenient and beautiful location that became available lead to the murmurings of an idea. This idea was to create a space for wellness advocates to share with their people. A place that would be affordable, for exclusive use and in time fully off the grid and self-sustaining.

That idea became reality and the works began. Months of brainstorming the look, finishes, name, modifications and updates to the main house and a unique, purpose-built, multifunctional studio space was built. 165m2 brimming with natural light, timber and serenity.

Lily not only is a qualified massage therapist and yoga teacher, but she also has a long history in garden design and  that meant with Naravi’s good bones, there was going to be an exciting end product.