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When many people think of company retreats, they think of motivational speakers and teambuilding games such as trust falls. However, these types of trips have much more to offer. Whether your team consists of four people or 28, giving them a change of scenery and taking a day (or a few) to focus on collaboration and relaxation will strengthen their bonds and leave them refreshed, energised, and more productive. Planning a corporate retreat at a venue near Perth offers many advantages, including the following positive outcomes that you may not have expected.

Helps team members overcome their fears

Although teambuilding exercises can be fun and a little scary, facing one’s fear of falling or heights isn’t typically a daily issue. Instead, focus on relevant fears, the ones that need to be overcome for the best job performance and employee satisfaction. For example, have your team discuss their industry “fears” – the job-related nightmares they’re dreading. They’ll have the chance to talk openly about these stressors and potential scenarios and get support and feedback from their team, even creating action plans and building confidence and preparedness.

Uncovers hidden talents

When you book your corporate retreat at our retreat accommodation, you might be surprised at the things you learn about your teammates. Retreats are a fantastic way to discover hidden talents and other things about your co-workers. Perhaps one of your managers is also an accomplished musician, or maybe your lead developer is a fantastic chef. Getting away from the office gives everyone a chance to unwind and get to know each other better.

Creates a stronger team

Your employees see each other every day – but it’s not the same as taking a couple of days to relax, play, talk, eat, and participate in teambuilding activities. A retreat helps create a family vibe, and a close-knit team will communicate better, trust each other more, and show appreciation for each other’s ideas, resulting in a team that’s much more effective overall. Furthermore, this “family” attitude will filter into customer interactions.

Encourages working together toward a common goal

Separate departments in a growing company can easily create barriers. Each department naturally has different goals and different ideas of what makes a successful day. However, when departments work together at a corporate retreat, they benefit from new perspectives and ideas. There are opportunities to think outside the box and understand the challenges and perceptions of other departments better.

Where to find retreat locations near Perth

Are you ready to book your next corporate retreat? Naravi can help. We offer space for a corporate or wellness retreat for rent near Perth in a beautiful and private setting in the lovely Margaret River region. The accommodation we have available for rent for your retreat is a secluded escape from office life where your team can relax, unwind, and get to work all at once. Our corporate and wellness retreat venue offers the space and equipment you need to lead a delightful retreat. Contact us today to learn more about our retreat locations and book your company getaway.

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