weddings vs. sustainability

You're likely stumbling across this page because you're embarking on the monumental task of planning a wedding. Congratulations!

Let's face it, our consumption is a major problem.

If you're anything like us, your concern for environmental issues permeates your every day decisions; whether that's where, how and what you purchase or you have an unstoppable ability to turn lights off (despite your partner attempting to read in the corner).

If this sounds vaguely familiar and you have a conscience for environmentalism then your wedding day should be no different. In fact, the average wedding produces 400 pounds (or 181.5 kg) of garbage and 63 tons of carbon dioxide, according to "The Green Bride Guide," by Kate Harrison.

That's absolutely astounding and disturbing. The good news is that consumers have the power to make change.

The purpose of this series of blogs is to offer some simple solutions to embrace your ideas and style on your wedding day, while also being considerate of our planet.

Because it doesn't have to be weddings vs. sustainability.